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Newsletter, 18 May 2013:

Jim Humble, MMS and Red Cross, Epitalon.

Hello dear readers,
The International Famous Red Cross tested succesfully the MMS against Malaria!

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I also discovered another product that has even more benefits than MMS….Epitalon.

It is a peptide that reactivates the making of telomerase in cells. Telomerase rebuild the protective telomere DNA allowing cells to become youthful again. (read amazing testimonies on site)

I just found a new article on the importance of telomere length in conjunction with depression!
This explains why I feel so good since I’m taking Epitalon, as all my depressive signs are gone, the joy of everyday life takes over.

Translated excerpts:
« The shorter telomeres are equivalent to about 4.5 years of accelerated aging in a 30 years old adult. »

Scientists are now studying a newly discovered mind-body connection facet: Major depression can be a sign of shortened telomeres linked to a state they call « accelerated aging. »

In his article, « New view of depression: a disease of the whole body, » in the Wall Street Journal, Shirley S. Wang discusses the researchers’ studies on this phenomenon:

« In several studies conducted at UCSF, researchers found that short telomeres are associated with depression in childhood trauma and other conditions.
A study of 43 adults with chronic disorders of post-traumatic stress disorder, whose average age was 30 years, and 47 healthy control subjects, found shorter telomeres in the PTSD group, which equates to approximately 4.5 years accelerated aging.
The study was published last year in Biological Psychiatry.  »

Original article in the Wall Street Journal:

But in addition to lengthen the telomeres, Epitalon also has an important effect of bio-regulation, mimicking and stimulating the functioning of the pineal gland that produces the melatonin.

The pineal gland or epiphysis is a small endocrine gland in the brain epithalamus of vertebrates. From serotonin, it secretes melatonin and plays through this hormone, a central role in the regulation of biological rhythms (sleep / wake and seasonal).

Melatonin, often called sleep hormone, is best known as the central hormone regulation of chronobiological rhythms, and a certain point of view, virtually all hormonal secretions.

Melatonin appears to have multiple functions, other than hormonal in humans and mammals, particularly as an antioxidant. It also seems to play a role in the immune system.

Melatonin increases libido by antagonism of serotonin 5-HT-2A.

It is considered by biochemists and chronobiologists as the master hormone because it regulates the secretion of most human hormones (paracrine and endocrine).

Taking Epitalon will also trigger the production of new nerve cells to repair and restore the nervous system of the body, including neurons of the brain.
This explains why people recover the use or the sensitivity of fingers or toes after taking Epitalon. The brain is also rebuilt, which explains the increase in the ability to think and work after taking Epitalon.

Of course all degenerative diseases and inflammations of the brain will be attenuated or even cured by taking Epitalon through the process of regeneration of neurons, nerve cells in the brain.

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Jules Tresor